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Chugging Along the Heartbeat of Australia: Our Journey on the PS Emmylou

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Join us as we recount our unforgettable four-day journey down the winding Murray River on the iconic PS Emmylou, Australia’s last surviving woodfire paddle steamer. This adventure wasn’t just a trip; it was a deep dive into the essence of Australia, experienced through the lens of travel enthusiasts who’ve seen the world but discovered unparalleled beauty right here at home.

PS Emmylou drone shot showing passengers around a firepit

Embarking on a Timeless Adventure

From the moment we stepped aboard the PS Emmylou, we knew we were in for something special. The ship itself is a blend of elegance and history, offering a cozy yet luxurious stay. Despite the compact nature of our accommodations, the clever design and thoughtful touches ensured our comfort without sacrificing the authentic charm of river life.

Life on the Mighty Murray

Our days on the Emmylou were filled with the simple pleasures of river life, enhanced by the warmth and hospitality of the crew. Each meal was an event in itself, featuring gourmet dishes that could easily grace the tables of five-star establishments. Yet, it was the wood-fired engine’s steady rhythm and the open-door policy to the captain’s quarters that truly connected us to the river’s storied past.

A Journey Through Australia’s Heartland

The cruise offered more than just relaxation; it was an educational journey through the heart of Australia. Excursions to local wineries and historical sites provided a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage. The Murray River, with its serene beauty and complex history, revealed itself as a vital artery through which the lifeblood of the region has flowed for centuries.

Amidst the tranquil waters and the gentle chug of the PS Emmylou, our journey was punctuated by an unexpected delight: the culinary experience. It wasn’t just the scenery that captured our hearts but the flavors that tantalised our taste buds. Every meal aboard the Emmylou was a testament to the skill and passion of the chefs, turning local ingredients into masterpieces of Australian cuisine.

From the hearty breakfasts that kick-started our days to the gourmet dinners under the stars, each dish was a celebration of the region’s bounty. The chefs aboard the Emmylou artfully crafted menus that reflected the essence of the Murray River’s surroundings, making each meal an integral part of our adventure.

That Crème Brûlée was honestly the best one I’ve ever had,” a sentiment that echoed our collective appreciation for the dining experience aboard the Emmylou.

The Beauty of Exploration

What struck us most profoundly was the realisation that extraordinary adventures await in our own backyard. The PS Emmylou experience served as a vivid reminder that the essence of discovery lies in the appreciation of the world around us. From tranquil mornings on the deck to evenings filled with music and camaraderie, every moment was a celebration of the joy of exploration.

Emily from Jordan and Emily on the PS Emmylou

Every single person that touches point with us is just so knowledgeable and passionate about life on the river and what that entails and the history and the culture

Our journey on the PS Emmylou was more than just a travel narrative; it was an invitation to adventure, softly whispering the promise of untold stories and hidden wonders within Australia. It challenged us to see beyond the familiar and embrace the richness of our homeland.

As we bid farewell to the Emmylou, our hearts were full of gratitude and our minds alive with plans for future explorations. The PS Emmylou is not merely a vessel; it’s a beacon for those seeking to uncover the heart and soul of Australia. So, if you’re yearning for adventure, look no further than the storied waters of the Murray River, where every bend reveals a new chapter in the grand story of this magnificent land.

Join us, and let the PS Emmylou guide you on a journey of discovery, where the beauty of Australia unfolds with each passing mile. It’s an adventure that promises not just sights and sounds, but a deeper connection with the spirit of this incredible country.

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